Live-in Care

Supporting you in your own home

It can be incredibly stressful to think you can no longer cope in your own home. Visiting care is an option but for some this simply isn’t enough and 24-hour support is needed. A residential care home will provide everything for you, but it’s not your own home and is often a step too far for some.

This is where live-in care can be a real advantage. Keeping you safe and secure in your own home. It’s always reassuring to know you are in familiar surroundings and able to maintain your daily routines. This removes the stress of moving to a new environment with people you don’t know and coping with a new routine that is for everyone.

If you are able to continue living in your own home there are many advantages. Not least because you remain part of your local community with friends and family close by. If you have pets like a cat or dog that is not a problem for us. They can continue to give you comfort and enjoyment because we consider their needs as part of your care package.

“Having that someone to talk to has made my life that much more enjoyable”

—  Kristen Molloy – Bedfordshire

What you can expect with live-in care

Our live-in carers are specifically selected and trained to ensure your care is consistent and tailored to your needs. The most important aspect is to find the right person for you. We understand that asking someone to share your home is a big step which is why compatibility is a crucial factor.

It will depend on your needs and how involved you want to be with daily tasks. Mobility might be an issue for you or remembering to carry out basic household tasks. All of this is part of the assessment and will ultimately determine your Care Plan.

Overall responsibility for medication including dispensing, managing repeat prescriptions and pick up from the doctors or pharmacy

Help with personal hygiene in the morning and evenings including support for baths and showers

General housekeeping to ensure everything is kept clean and tidy, this will include regular laundry, ironing and cleaning

Meal selection, shopping and preparation depending on your tastes and dietary needs

General care for your pets including access to your garden and walks

Companionship is a given for all our carers. When you have someone living in your home there needs to be a connection. The enjoyment of sharing meals or simply just chatting and watching TV, perhaps going out on day trips.

Because you have a carer with you all the time it’s relatively straightforward to identify when your needs change. We carry out regular assessments to ensure you are getting the care you want and need. Which means your Care Plan can be adjusted at any stage to maintain your welfare and safety at home.

Accommodation for a live-in carer

Providing space for a carer in your home is important. They need to feel comfortable so they can settle in as quickly as possible and focus on delivering your Care Plan. Think of it as preparing for a family member or a friend coming to stay. Your carer will need their own room.

A bed is essential with a set of draws or wardrobe to store belongings. This is their own space for them to relax on their own and sleep in comfort. Access to a bathroom will be needed. This doesn’t have to be an ensuite facility it just needs to be easily accessible and functional.

There will be time allocated for your carer to take a break. Over a working week, they are entitled to 14 hours of time away from caring. When and how they take this time can be discussed as part of your Care Plan. If you cannot be without support, we can arrange for visiting care during these breaks.

Arranging live-in care

The first step is to get in touch by either sending us an email or speaking to us on the telephone. We will have an initial conversation and then put you in touch with your local manager. They will want to arrange a home visit to talk to you in detail about your needs, the sort of person you are looking for and how we can help.

As with any of our carers, it’s important to match the personality to the individual. This is even more important for live-in care as we are looking for a companion as much as a carer with the necessary skills to deliver your Care Plan.
Once a carer has been found, we will arrange for a settling in period. To ensure you are happy with the individual and that all your needs are being met. After this, your local manager will work with you to agree on a series of regular visits as well as carer supervisions. We will also assess if your needs are changing and arrange extra support or amend your Care Plan if required.

An affordable option

You may already benefit from a visiting care option. As your needs change the number of visits you require throughout the day can easily increase. It’s a fine balance but at some stage, it may actually be more cost-effective to have a live-in carer. They will be able to provide you with support and continuity of care day or night.

If you are a couple and find you need more help, a live-in carer is certainly a good option. The cost of a care home for two can be prohibitive but if you bring the care into your home it becomes a lot more manageable. It also means you can stay together in a familiar setting and continue to cope day to day.