Live-in Care Vacancies

Supporting service users around the clock

If you would like to commit to care day and night, we would love you to consider live-in care vacancies. It is great opportunity to build a relationship with service user and broaden horizons.

If you would like to commit to care day and night, we would love you to consider live-in care vacancies. It is great opportunity to build a relationship with service user and broaden horizons. Having a constant familiar face at home is making a difference for many clients- some of them say that caregiver is just like another family member at home!

The job is not only rewarding but also high renumerated. To find out more about our rates please contact one of our offices.
We offer an opportunity to work across all of our branches in UK and provide you with regular breaks to explore the local area or simply have a break between or during placements.

Our live-in carers come from all around the world. They choose Mega Care because of the great benefits, paid holidays or family atmosphere. People from countries like Portugal, Poland or Nigeria choose our company to work for in England.

I have worked for Megacare for 2 1/2 years now as a “live-in” Carer. I have been lucky enough to become the primary caregiver in my position and, as such, have maintained a work schedule and work environment that I have both enjoyed and been extremely happy in. My job placement has been rewarding and there is a real feeling of working as part of a “team”. Management Staff are extremely supportive, and issues are dealt with promptly and professionally. I have been in the Healthcare Industry for over 30 years and would definitely recommend Mega Care.

Julie, live-in care assistant

Real life case studies

"I began working with Mega Care in 2015 when I applied for the Care Co-Ordinator position. I had worked in care for 3 years previously and had completed a BTEC extended diploma in Health and Social Care and at the time, I was studying for a Foundation Degree in Disability Studies. I had my interview and was offered the job; I acted as a Senior Support Worker for the first 3 months of employment to enable me to get to know the clients and the company's way of working before starting my role as a Care Co-Ordinator.
From then, I have continued to progress through the company working alongside the chief financial officer and my peers. I was supported and encouraged to continue my Foundation Degree and achieved this in 2017.
After completing my Foundation Degree in the summer of 2017, I decided I would like to complete a degree in Occupational Therapy. After discussing this with my manager, we agreed upon different working hours which enabled me to complete the degree but also allowing me to stay in my position as a Care Co-Ordinator. I will forever be grateful for the flexibility Mega Care have given me over the years as they have been very accommodating during my studies and any personal issues I have faced. During this time, I was promoted to Field Supervisor.
I would encourage anyone wishing to work in a domiciliary care setting to apply for a job with Mega Care."
Alice Day – Field Supervisor

Frequently asked questions

Does being a live-in carer mean working 24/7 all the time?

No. You will be working in short periods of time called ‘placements’ which last between few days to few weeks- depending on your availability and client’s needs.

Will I get breaks during the placement?

Yes. During your placement, you will have regular breaks to explore local area or simply relax.

Will I work alongside other carers?

Sometimes we provide extra support in form of another carer or family member if needed- depending on the client’s needs.

Will I still be entitled to the same employment rights?

Yes. Live-in carers are entitled to holiday pay on a pro-rata basis, maternity and sick pay, in line with statutory requirements. We also provide private health plan for regularly working employees.