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Long-Term Conditions

There is a range of long-term health conditions that require ongoing management over a sustained period of time. Defined as having no recognised cure but controlled by the use of medication and therapies.

It’s important that you are able to live as you choose and we understand this. The priority for us is to give you a complete person-centred and co-ordinated care package.

We are there when you need us

The emotional and psychological needs for someone living with a long-term condition are really important. Your mental health and well-being are something we are keen to focus our services around.

Consulting you about your care is the best way to keep you in control. You are the expert on your condition. Recognising when there is a change and how it will affect your life. It’s an important element on which our caregivers are trained. Flexible enough to change your Care Plan when the time is right.

Providing help on your terms

A key element of our service is supporting you with daily tasks at home for your own health and welfare. Help with medication, personal care or housekeeping are all areas covered. You just need to decide how involved you want to be.

Remaining active and engaged in your local community is important for many of our clients. There may come a time when you need extra help in order to do this. We can provide this so you don’t miss out on any of your activities.

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