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Mega Care Plus
Our private program boasts a robust and bespoke support level with finite limitations.
This is a ‘can do anything’ style of service, putting forward a comprehensive package of support for each client, customised and adapted uniquely, to the fulfilment of the service user and his or her loved-one.
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Just Ask
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Providing peace of mind for loved ones of clients paying for the support, and also the clients themselves. Offering a comprehensive administrative solution to reduce all anxiety pertaining to paperwork, GP appointments, shopping, personal documentative and practical daily requirements are all covered under the program.
Whatever it is, ‘we can do it’.

“We put the control back in your hands”
– Company Directors
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Full Technology

New & vibrant technology to deliver the highest standards of connectivity, usability and suitability.

Our client portal is a world leading and award winning solution, enabling REAL-TIME functionalities.

Increased Visibility

Live updates of visit schedules including dates, times & lengths

Increased Engagement

Access to visit confirmation & carer notes, to see if there are any problems

Continuity of Care

Able to check carer’s details

Financial Management

Manage your relative’s accounts easily through invoice payment via the App

A touch-tablet device will be installed in your home, which enables you to self-direct your own care operation, with all the essential components provided. Our client portal also allows family & friends anywhere they are in the world to view your care operation in REAL-TIME.

What information can I actually see in real-time?

Daily care notes

Medication consumption & records

Daily tasks & changes

Rotas & attendance and many more

We want to Hand-back full CONTROL to you and your loves ones.

Guaranteed NO Lateness*

The Guarantee works on both ends of the rhetoric. The aim is to ensure no lateness by a series of proven strategies. We Guarantee to reimburse some or all of your invoice for the visit, if we are late.

Flexible Visit Arrangements

Two elements to this enhancement is:

Full Visit Flexibility

As your needs and outcomes evolve, we do not want to fix you care arrangements. But, work with you with full flexibility and control to determine what visits works best for you, each week.

Urgent Appointments

This feature allows you to book an impromptu appointment or obligation based on your needs. This is achievable with minimal notice to our clinical team. We have built the infrastructure and enabled the capacity to ensure we can deliver this vital feature for you.

Bespoke Specialist Caregivers

Our professionals are friendly, kind, engaging and completely aware of the need to mould into your life. Our Plus caregivers will be recruited against the highest of criteria, to ensure you enjoy the most competent professionals for your care operation.

But also, we include you in their initial recruitment so we can bilaterally discern the most suitable caregivers to match your individual outcomes. Be rest assured all our care professionals are trained and vetted against the highest of standards.

Our Plus caregivers will be highly trained, highly committed & highly remunerated, all for your benefit. If you are a caregiver or want to explore a career in care.

Comprehensive Support

Our aim is to provide complete peace of mind, for you and for loved ones. Therefore, what this feature enables is far more than a good rhetoric. We are lifting the red-tape of restrictions and limitations. And, we are offering you a comprehensive support solution, which is aimed at maximising your opportunity and options in your life.

What we are saying is..

We will deal with whatever you need to improve your life and meet your care outcomes, such as:

GP appointments


Administration tasks


Taking Pets to Vets

Supporting a new hobby

Learning of a new instrument

Taking on a new academic course

And many more. We adopt a ‘we will do it all’ approach and all you need to do is – ASK.


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