Carers are obviously well trained. My wife has dementia and is treated with great kindness and respect, always retaining her all-important dignity

E. Evans

We are very happy with all the carers who are all dedicated and they are very polite. 

D. Ruggiero

I have received very good care from my regular carer, other carers have been quite good but this is because they are not used to my routine. All considered my experience has been very good and I have no complaints. 

A. Watt

We are both very, very happy with Mega Resources Nursing Care and very grateful for their hard work kindness and compassion. Thank you so much.

K. Thompson

Extremely helpful and personable staff. Particularly pleased that one employee attends to my dad most of the time, who shows great care and understanding.

A. Wood

Very professional and helpful. Meets my son’s needs to a very high standard.

E. Innocent

The carer that comes in the evenings to cook for my dad is wonderful. She is always on time, friendly and polite. She is very professional and listens to my dad and helps him to choose what he wants to eat and when he can. She encouraged him to help prepare the meals which we really wanted to keep his confidence going. She is very patient with my dad and makes time to chat with him. We have the same carer which really helps my dad. We as a family really value her and the difference she has made to the quality of my dad’s life. P.S. She is a great cook!


All the carers visiting mum are polite, caring and do what they should. Mum is given a list of who is coming, when they are coming as she asked who would be next to call, communication between Mega Resources Nursing and Care is good. They are very professional and I am very happy with the care given.

J. Savage

Concerned for my wellbeing. Respectful, Friendly helpful to assist. Always ask if they can do anything else at the end of the call. If I had a complaint, I know it will be listened to and action taken from it.

P. Burnham

I would not be without my carers. They do so much for me, nothing is too much bother. They are more like family, wouldn’t be here now if it wasn’t for 2 of them. They are always very friendly. I can’t express what they mean to me. Love them all.

B. Bellamy

I was impressed with the initial interview with the representative from Mega Resources whilst attending a rehabilitation centre. We discussed my mobility problem and help required with bathing and dressing. The standard and assistance by the carers have always been high. I have always been satisfied with their care and professionalism.