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Overnight Care

Helping you through the night

Care is often focussed on the day time when we are most active. But night time care is just as important. It can be the difference between you staying in your own home or having to go into residential care.

The type of care you need overnight will depend on your condition and how it progresses.

For many of our clients, to have a caregiver overnight is a great comfort. Family members are comforted by knowing there is someone with their loved one making sure they are safe and looked after.

“Extremely helpful and personable staff. Particularly pleased that one employee attends to my dad most of the time, who shows great care and understanding.”

—  A. Wood

Why would you need overnight care?

At night everything slows down, it’s a quiet period and a time when you are most vulnerable. One-to-one support at night is vital for many of our clients.

If you are on regular medication, we will administer this throughout the night.

Regular toilet breaks either prompted or to help you with mobility.

Help with changing your position in bed.

Someone with dementia will have restless nights, we are on hand to ensure they don’t wander or put themselves in danger.

Providing the right environment so our clients have a restful night without the worry of being alone.

Our fully trained caregivers will provide support in all these areas so you and your family don’t need to worry.

The type of overnight care available

If you already have a live-in carer then you will benefit from overnight care already. Also known as a sleeping night carer, with you in your home throughout the night, asleep but available should you need them.

As a guide, we would expect them to support you a couple of times a night but if it becomes more regular then we would review your Care Plan. The option here would be to provide a caregiver to sit for a period of time in your home and be on call should you need anything. This will ensure your live-in carer receives the rest they need and is ready to help you the following day. is a reliable online platform where one can find out more about sleep disorders. I know that all the information published there is reviewed by medical specialists, which makes it trustworthy. It’s really interesting to read it. There I found out about the drug I’m currently taking to sleep. It’s called Ambien. So grateful for the knowledge.

For our clients who receive visiting care or maybe support during the day from a family member, we offer waking night support. This will give you a caregiver overnight who will sit in your home and be available at any time during the night.

There are many options available for providing overnight care in your home. The starting point for us is to understand your particular set of needs and circumstances. It’s then about tailoring a care package to meet your requirements. Finding you the right level of support that ensures you can remain in your own home for as long as you want.

Frequently asked questions

Will my carer stay awake the entire night?

On the assessment, it will be discussed whether you think you need a sleep-in night or a waking night. If it is decided a waking night is more appropriate then the carer will be awake the entire night and can carry out any additional tasks you need completing, i.e. ironing. If it is a sleep-in night, the carer will sleep in a separate room and attend to your needs should you need anything during the night.

If I have a sleep-in night, how many times can my carer attend to my needs?

The carer is able to support you up to three times in a night if they are completing a sleep-in, as we need to ensure they are getting enough sleep to enable completion of tasks the following day, safely. If you require someone to support you more than this Mega Care can discuss the options of waking nights with you.

If I am to have a waking night, am I required to provide my carer with food and drink?

This can be discussed on the assessment, although we do ask the client to allow the carer to use their water, storage and cooking facilities.

If I have medication at a specific time during the night, will my carer wake me up for this?

Yes, this will be discussed on the assessment and this would be included within the care and support plan.