Outcome-Focused Care

The relationship between provider and patient is salient.

Our outcomes-focused approach to care places the client at the centre of their care arrangement, and we ensure clients have full understanding of this before, during and after the initial care-planning phase. With patients at centre stage, we work to their memorandum of understanding and ensure we capture their likes, dislikes, preferences and general views.

Enabling Independence

The purpose of our care and support provision at home is to realign and enable all patients to their highest optimum level of independence and control. We absolutely believe Individuals should be ‘supported’ in daily tasks, not have tasks ‘completed’ for them.

We understand that by showing flexibility, strong communication and commitment to our patients and their needs, we build not only a strong provider-client relationship but enable our patients to feel more empowered and in-control of their care arrangement.
We support all clients to become as independent as possible and live fulfilled lives within comfort of their own home.

Our outcome – focused-approach

You are treated as an individual and your wishes are respected.

We understand your needs, likes, dislikes and preferences.

You are supported in achieving your personal goals.

You are always in control of the care you receive.

Your support plan is frequently reviewed and frequently changing.

We support you in maintaining close relationships with your family friends and wider community.

We believe that each Service User loved ones should be at the centre of key decision-making and we respect their knowledge and sentiments. Your support plan is based on your input, your needs, your likes and your preferences.

Outcome-focused support planning

We ensure that all of our support plans are outcome-focused and strength-based with a holistic concentration on clinical need encapsulated in, and woven into, the care plan formulation.

Support planning is frequently reviewed and frequently changing as our objective is independence. We vehemently encourage support network involvement as we make every effort to support service users to achieve their personal goals, enabling them to find new ways of managing themselves with any available support.

Respecting and involving
community links

Our enabling approach includes working with each service user, their family members and support networks on a personalised plan to regain or maintain their skills.

This includes, supporting you to maintain crucial links to your community also. Linking people with their religious faith group may strengthen your level of life resilience, provide comfort and social inclusion. We can also support you with choosing and travelling to a suitable community group.