Elderly care

It’s like inviting family into your home

You may need some help with everyday tasks at home. We understand this and will always work with you to find the right care for you.

This is all about protecting your lifestyle. Enabling you to continue living the life you want in the comfort of your own surroundings. You might need extra help around the house, maybe support to avoid any falls, or simply a little bit of company.

Getting to know you is really important. Building a detailed picture of how you like to live and what sort of activities you participate in will ensure we provide the right carer to support you in your home.

Our services offer flexibility to ensure you receive the appropriate level of support for your needs. It could be a half-hour visit during the day, two to three hours a day or a complete live-in care package. We can adjust the service t suit you and ensure you remain in your own home.

Helping you day to day

As we get older some of our routine daily tasks become a bit more difficult to complete. It certainly doesn’t have to result in you giving up the family home. All you really need is a little additional support to make life a bit easier.

All our care givers are trained to ensure you maintain as much independence as you want. They will not take over tasks that you want to do but provide support where needed. Always looking to put your mind at rest and safe in the knowledge you have a trained carer who will be there if an emergency does arise.

Care givers who are skilled, trained and regulated

Mega Resources are fully licensed and regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Our rating deems us to be safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led. These are attributes around which we build our care givers training.

Once trained and working with our patients regular audits are carried out by one of our local managers. This is to ensure a consistent level of service is being delivered to you. It will also identify any additional training needs so we can deliver any extra support.

The softer skills of our care givers include compassion, common sense and pragmatism. They want to provide the support you need and are willing to help so you can remain living comfortably in your own home.

“Having that someone to talk to has made my life that much more enjoyable”

—  Kristen Molloy – Bedfordshire

Where help can be targeted

There are quite a few tasks a carer will undertake for you and include the following activities:


A wide range of household tasks from dusting, hoovering, washing up to laundry. You can decide to help alongside our care givers or simply have a chat as they work away.

Personal care

All part of getting up in the morning and going to bed at night. Support for you to take a shower or have a bath as well as getting dressed. Mobility might be one of your challenges and we will help.  

Meal times

So often a sociable time of the day but it can also be a lonely activity. You can decide with your carer what to eat then prepare and cook the meal together.


Something as simple as having companionship in your own home for a chat or to share hobbies can be a real help. Even just popping down to the local shop for food or a newspaper will save you any worry.

Frequently asked questions

Can your staff take a service user on holiday?

Yes, we can. You need to let us have as much notice as possible so the needs of our other Clients are met. Each request is treated on an individual basis because each Client’s needs are different. If you want to know more simply get in touch with us directly.

Are your staff trained with assistive technology?

 Yes, we are. Always keen to improve or maintain the mobility of our Clients, we can help with wheelchairs, scooters, frames and crutches. Whether it is in their own home or out and about, we can provide that extra reassurance.

Can you help me with personal administration?

There is a small team at your local branch who can help you with administration. Letters, bills and general paperwork can be quite stressful. We can provide support so you don’t have to deal with it on your own. Find a system that works for you and keeps you in control.