Palliative care

Specialist care when you need it

Being diagnosed with a terminal illness is an incredibly
distressing time for everyone involved. Returning home and providing the care that is needed in a familiar environment, is often the preferred option.

More patients are choosing to return home rather than go into a hospice or care home. A safe haven and familiar environment where you can relax. Many prefer this option rather than spend time in a new surrounding with lots of different people.

The time you spend with your family is very precious. Which is why the specialist care we provide is so important to many of our patients. It means you can spend quality time with your loved ones in the knowledge that their care needs are being met.

You may need regular visits at certain times of the day or perhaps live-in support. Our care givers are trained to administer medication and help with pain relief. They are also someone who can undertake housekeeping tasks or simply be around for when you need them. Whatever your requirements a package can be created to suit you.

It should always be your choice

Palliative care is a specific service we offer to patients who are critically or terminally ill. Our aim is to provide the best quality of life for everyone involved. As part of this we recognise the need to provide pain relief both in terms of physical and mental stress.

Being at home also has distinct advantages not just for your family but for friends as well. It can be a lot easier for people to visit and will often mean less disruption for everyone. The specialist care we provide is very flexible. If your condition does change we can adapt the level of support you receive.

Remaining flexible for you

The level of support you need will depend on your condition and how quickly it progresses. This will dictate the care package you need. Something we review with you on a regular basis and adjust if your needs change.

In order to provide this degree of flexibility we offer a range of regular home visit options. These can be half-hour slots to a couple of hours a day or every couple of days or perhaps weekly. It is a 24-hour service so you can opt for support during the day or overnight.

Alternatively, you may require live-in support. One of our specialist care givers living in your home with you. Part of your extended family but always there to provide the care you need. A thorough assessment is conducted to find a compatible carer for you in terms of personality and care essentials.

Whatever package we put together all of our care givers understand they are being invited into your home. Working with you to maintain your independence and ensuring you can live life to the full in the comfort of your own surroundings.

Where help can be targeted

We offer a wide range of services for palliative care. All to support you living independently for as long as possible and for many of our care givers providing a real sense of companionship.


To provide prompts and administer medication on a regular basis. This includes managing pain relief which can change over time and will need to be monitored.

Personal care

You may need help with going to the toilet, getting dressed and undressed as well as washing or showering. The degree of continence is quite a common aspect to our care such as changing continence pads or managing a catheter.


Being able to move around your own home might be difficult for you. We can help you by providing a little extra support if needed or operating a hoist for transfers.


Keeping your home clean and tidy. Our care givers will carry out a range of tasks including general household cleaning to changing the beds and laundry. If you have a pet we can look after them as well in terms of walking a dog or changing the cat litter tray.

Meal times

Preparing meals and washing up will mean you don’t need to worry about kitchen duties. We can also run errands for you perhaps pick up a weekly shop or just the odd item you have forgotten.

Frequently asked questions

Will my expressed wishes be carried out by you at my point of passing?

Before a carer is placed with a client, we create a Care Plan. This is produced following a detailed discussion between all parties. It’s important because we always seek to understand exactly what you need and want.

The palliative care we offer is based on an ethos of easing suffering at the end of life. There are 6 principles relating to how we deliver this form of care.

  • Each client is treated as an individual
  • Every client will get a fair access to care irrespective of their individual circumstances
  • The comfort and well-being of all our clients is maximised at all times
  • Our care is co-ordinated so you receive the care you need
  • All our staff are trained and ready to care
  • We provide a sense of community around your care with everybody prepared to help
Are your care givers trained in CPR?

All our care givers are trained and CPR is an integral part of this.